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Boss HC2

Boss HC2

Boss HC2

Boss HC2 (1984)

The Boss HC2 was a companion instrument for the PC2 and is a simple hand clapper device said to have similar circuitry to the 808 & 909 HC; however, the HC2 features additional controls. "Sens", to control the touch sensitivity of the pad. "Dry", which sounds like a hi-pass filter that thins the sound out somewhat. We think this is a clever function as it can help the claps sit better in a mix when combined with snare, hi-hats, or other percussion elements in a busy groove. And lastly, a "Hall" knob. This is simply an amp decay on the white noise to emulate a (loosely termed) hall reverb tail.

The HC2 is a simple but classic clapper and essential for a lot of music styles.
Handclap Boss

Handclap Boss

Our interpretation includes the same original controls but adds some enhanced tone-shaping features to bring this overlooked classic in line with modern music production and workflows.

While claps is the main game here, we’ve got plenty of useful whistles, pops, clicks & whooshes to make this a versatile companion to our Percussion Boss.

We sampled eleven round-robins to capture plenty of nuance and bring as much Katra of the original instrument as we thought practical. Grab it now. It's free!

Scripting by Mario Krušelj

Demo mode only in Kontakt Player
Tested with Kontakt 4.2 & 5 • Windows & Mac

This sound demo was created entirely from Handclap Boss with the bass drum from Percussion Boss. Some mastering compression applied. No additional processing.

More Handclap Boss sounds can be auditioned in the Bundle demo song where all five instruments were used.